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Zbrush Lession 1 - Beginning Course

As a 3D Designer, I highly recommend to buy Zbrush which could be used together with ICONE.

But why using Z brush?

1. It costs USD795 for buying a perpetual license> CHEAPER

2. The modelling process is in real time > FAST IN MODIFICATION

3. It compensates the lack of flexible in ICONE for some basic shaping> FLEXIBLE SHAPING

4. It could further detailing the model effectively.>MODEL DETAILING

5. It is compatible with 3D printing tools.> BRING VIRTUAL TO REAL LIFE

However, when I first start my Zbrush learning. I really get loss, as there are too much information to digest in the Pixologic's website.

As a self learner, I want a structural course which could be compare with the well designed syllabus in university, Hence, I would like to re-organize the Zbrush course to faciliate the learners to get started in future.


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