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About Us is found by award-winning 3D artist, Joe Lo. provides a one-stop platform for users to browse the 3D products created by the founder and his team. 

Our founder, Joe Lo, is currently one of the top featured developers of iClone and Character Creator animation and design software.  Joe has produced more than 1,000 3D characters and 3D products since 2016.  All the 3D products are currently sold in various digital marketplaces.  These products are available in different file formats, including iClone and Character Creator (.iprop, .iAcc, .iCloth, .iAvatar, and .iEffect.), Autodesk (.fbx), Blender (.blend), zBrush (.ztl, .zbp), Substance Painter (.spp, .sbsar), and other file format (.obj, .mtl).   

With the increasing popularity on 3D printing, virtual reality as well as digital marketing, Joe envisions that it is essential for the new generation of artists to learn how to use iClone, an extremely user-friendly software, together with other popular software (e.g. Blender, zBrush, Maya, etc.) for design.  Facebook Fan Page, YouTube channel, Pinterest and Twitter are created for sharing artworks, teaching and inspiring people on how to use the animation and design software. 




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