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3D Digital Human Contest 2020 - WIP (Stage 1)

CC Digital Human Contest 2020 - The Evil Queen of Divine Troop

It has been a long time since 2016 for Reallusion holding such a large scale competition. Last time, there are hundreds of artists joining the competition which shows off different amazing 3D modeling skills. By joining the competition, the learning curve is extremely high as I could learn new sets of sculpting techniques from different designers, and it is very enjoyable to improve myself during the contest progress.

For me, the character creator of digital human contest 2020 seems an Olympic game, for which I have trained 4 years of modeling techniques and it's time for me to test how far I have improved myself. At the same time, I can't wait to meet new talented friends during the competition and grow with everyone on artistic matters.

Without further ado, let's start to make my first models for the competition: The Evil Queen of Divine Troop.

I am glad to get this chance to introduce my method of creating any characters. Like many other artists. My first step is to collect different references for inspiring myself.

As its name, the queen of my new character would have three main elements:

  1. Evil (she should be having terror feeling)

  2. Queen (she should have a noble and medieval-style)

  3. Divine Troop (She comes from heaven and hence she is actually kind-hearted)

I want the queen to be very beautiful, and it has the perfect shape of the human body.

So I referencing popular movie stars and models to make the character's body shape.

As you can see, the arms, waist, shoulder, and legs are proportion to the popular movie stars which considered to have an excellent human body shape.

For her facial design of the character, I have an interesting idea. why don't we try to fuse the two queens in the maleficent? So, I'm referencing Michelle Pfeiffer and Angelina Jolie to create a new queen.


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