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3D Digital Human Contest 2020 - WIP (Stage 2)

Most of my modeling works are done in ZBrush. For Armor, the key to getting the clean edges is using Curve Tube Brush and ZRemesh. After getting the basic shape, I always used ZRemesh to simply the topology, and then collapse the loop to get the simplest form.

Another great tool in modeling is the combined used of curve tube Brush, Dam standard Brush, and Smooth Brush, it gives us a lot of freedom to define any shape.

50% of the Zbrush work is always done by Extraction, what other important skills we need to learn is to make wrinkle and fold details. All the other texturing works could be done by a substance painter.

Another special technique I used is transferring the 2D vector file into 3D Assets. Basically, all the flat items could be done using this method. This skill is especially good to use in creating accessories. Once I get the asset items, I could duplicate and make any costumes I needed.


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