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Since 2013, there is a trend for the giant company invest a lot on developing the 3D technology. Undoubtedly, the usage of 3D design, from virtual reality to a 3D printing commercial products, will become more popular in coming future. Yet, the supply of a professional 3D Designers is limited, this creates career opportunities for us.

However, when we first start our 3D Art, most people find it extremely difficult. 3D design requires complex polygon creation and mapping techniques, therefore, no way to master it within short time.

Don't put yourself down! Keep up and you will find 3D Design is much easier than you thought,

By using Character Creator, you will find that 3D Design is just like playing video games, what you need is playing around with your own character creation and begin with your RPG journey.

There are a lot of 3D Tools in the market, e.g. AutoCAD Maya, 3D Max, Adobe Fuse, Blender,etc. Why I choose ICONE?

1. It only cost $399 for perpetual license, cheaper than a PS4, and 10% of Maya annual cost

2. By combing the usage of other 3D Tools, the quality can be comparable with Maya/3D Max.

3. Easy to use and save you at least 50% time in character modelling.

Moreover, if you determine to start your career in this 3D World, honestly, IClone 6 Character Creator Deluxe Suite has its limitation,

1. Armor creation > Lack of flexibility in 3D basic shaping.

2. Monster creation > Difficult in Non-human nature products making.

3. Clothing design > Only modification from current templates is allowed.

Hence, it is the time you need to plan whether you really want to start your career. If you are serious, you should be a better planning and budgeting.

To compensate the limitation, the below strategy is used my me:

Stage 1 > iclone 6 Character Creator Deluxe Suite $399 (For hobbies)

Stage 2 > Buy Hottest Hair Style Pack $119 (For better character modelling)

Stage 3 > Buy and Learn Icone 6 fundamental courses $79 (For master ICone6)

Stage 4 > Rent Photoshop $18/month (For tailred-made some heros and props)

Stage 5 > Buy and learn Zbrush $795 (For monster and armor creations)

Stage 6 > Buy and learn Marvelous Design $550 (For clothing design)

Stage 7 > Buy and learn Adobe Premier Pro + After Effect $36/month (For perfection)

Stage 8 > Upgrade and use 3D exchange Pipeline (For import and export OBJ Files)

You may challenge my strategy is time consuming and costly, but all softwares I recommend is user-friendly. Actually, I only spend 6 months to master them and it totally costed me around USD2,500

(Compare with over USD5,000 annual cost and 2 year learning time when using maya and 3D max)


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