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Customized 3D Character

We can product high quality customized 3D character for you. 


Our lead 3D artist, Joe Lo, is one of the winners in the Reallusion Digital Human Contest 2020.

Joe Lo is currently one of the featured developers in iClone animation software. 

His 3D character design are unarguably at the top-notch.   

Because of confidentiality agreements, we will only disclose selected art works. 

Award Winning 3D Character

Showcase of Award-winning 3D Character

Other Customized 3D Character

Showcase of Customized 3D Character

Cat Woman for Game
Alice for Final Fantasy
Chief Japanese Warrior
God Fighter in Golden Costume
Terminator from the Future
Asuna in Sword Art Online Game Alike
Japanese Ninja
Warrior for the Games
Fighter Without Age Limit
Street Fighter
Japanese Geisha Entertainer
Fighter from the Future
Nezha or Nata in New Style
Warrior in Monster Hunter Game Alike
Fighter in Old Days
Girl Kung Fu Fighter
Asian Bridal
Stylish Party Girl
Basketball Player
Japanese Girl With Tops and Shorts
Girl Japanese Fighter
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