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ICONE 6 Lession 1 - Beginners

I only used ICONE6 for 7 months, but I could create some characters with highly realism as below:

As mentioned before, if you want to begin your 3D design career, I highly recommend you to study ICONE 6 Fundamental Course. Due to the copyright issues, I will not disclose the content of this course.

Honestly, I think this course is extremely useful and clear. It not only taught you how to use ICONE6 in a tailor made manner, but also some professional lighting and camera shot knowledge. However, I think the syllabus is focus too much on details, I highly recommend Reallusion should reorganize the course and condense it into 24 hours. Otherwise, some learners will be bored.

Anyway, please check below video to discover more.

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