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3D4MINUTES - Tutorial4 Character Creator SkinGen - Part 2 (shader settings)

For the last lectures, I have talked about the

Shader Settings is created under the textures session in Character Creator 3.3. It is created since the launch of the unreal live link.

Now, a game developer could define the shader in Character Creator and link it to unreal for faster character skin materials set up.

Actually, with the function od shader setting, character creator users can design a CG character realistically, even without SkinGen Plugin. Yet, it would be more difficult than using the SkinGen tool, but the outcome is still promising.

To make Character Creator users understand how Skin Gen works, and hence improve the visual quality of the characters. I talked about the shader settings in the second part of the tutorial series.

There are a total of three videos for the SkinGen tutorial series, each tutorial only lasts around 4 minutes. The objective is to help Reallusion new users to learn how to use SkinGen within an extremely short period of time and also explain the logic being the Character Creator's Skin Gen.

However, you could already begin your professional design after watching the first two videos.

Enjoy! Happy iCloning!


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