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3D4MINUTES - Tutorial3 Character Creator SkinGen - Part 1 (Textures)

Recently, Reallusion has released a new powerful plug-in, SkinGen, for Character Creator 3.3.

With the extension features of SkinGen, it could boost designers to make the creation of realistic human skin easily. Yet, the massive functions may cause Character Creator users difficult to follow up at the beginning.

Hence, I have made three videos in an attempt to explain how to use SkinGen in an easily understandable way. There are totally three videos for the SkinGen tutorials, each tutorial only last around 4 minutes. The objective is to help Reallusion new users to learn how to use SkinGen within an extremely short period of time and also explain the logic being the Character Creator's SkinGen.

The videos have 3 parts:

Part I - Textures Map Details

Part II - Textures in Shader and get your micro normal map.

Part III - SkenGen Plugin Tools and its relationship with Textures.


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