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 A long-term incubating project to support the Reallusion community to grow in their 3D business and skills. So, we could GROW together and develop a prosperous career in 3D related industry.


Gift will be given after registered. To reward your support for buying Joe Lo’s products, you could accumulate monthly coupons after buying Joe Lo's products, and redeem you a FREE product or redeem your derivative products as a reward. You will also receive a catalog for the New Pack and redeemable item. So, you could BUY more and SAVE more. 

Repack individual items for your custom needs. Once you become a Senior Member, you could choose a custom bundle of assets by yourself. With a bundle of selected items send to our email, you would reward with a special discount and buy the assets more economically. You could also freely post your masterpiece in which part of my revenue is always spending on the showcase promotion and enhance the exposure for the community.

Offer VIP member a free tailor-made texture design. You could send a monthly request to our email for re-texturing the product based on your project needs. You could also specify your wish list on your custom needs for the project, so we will prioritize the production schedule.

We could finally become a Business Partner. With the full development of 3D business and our trust, it would be appreciated to hire me as your business partner. In this way, I could help you to design a tailored made character, developing game assets, or become your enterprise consultant for training the staff regarding the technical issues in Character Creator, iClone, and Unreal Engine.

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